Pick One that Pops

Pick One that Pops!

Toronto graffiti sticker with QR code

This last week has been raining which has given me a lot of time to sit and think about how to sharpen my game, of course, I want to represent my work the best I can.  I added another sign which briefly explains my work, also working on a friendly introduction getting the people walking by feeling more comfortable.  I want to be connecting with people on a more personal level
I want people to see me for who I am.

When I had to leave my job as a Logo Designer 8 months ago I picked up a paintbrush the very next day.  Starting to produce Art again has filled me with a renewed confidence which continues to grow as time passes.

I sit in the fashion district during the day with other artists in the shade and muse about life, selling the occasional work and smoking the occasional joint.  I feel connected with my city; I am totally at ease if even for a little while. 

I listen to people walking, sometimes I jot down their comments in my sketchbook.  One of the best was when a little girl stopped and said "Daddy aren't they beautiful?  They're like the big bang".  Her father ended up waiting while she picked out her favorite one then bought it for her. What a great Dad!

I am filled with the same pride a father would feel when I am beside my work, but I also feel like I am standing downtown completely naked, rejection can also be hard.

shotgun making art

"Art" Chris Crewe July 2019
Meeting people all day long is my favorite thing; I know I will remember this summer.

"In the twilight of our years, we will be judged on love alone- St. John of the Cross. 

To me, this quote asks the question; did you have a love for other people in your heart all these years, or were you just being nice?

Joel Richardson homage
It separates us near the end; the clowns from the rest,
the treasures from the wreck.

The answers to life become so obvious after spending time out there.  

I realize what is important and I am more interested in it every day.

Next level graffiti - add QR
 Gorilla Advertising  June 26th

Cheers for Now Friends!