Collision | Clothing Line | Fall/Winter 2019

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A Moment in Time For You!



Collision Clothing  Fall/Winter | 2019
*orders are now welcome

Pop Up Clothing 2019 artist/painter Chris Crewe

White Thermal - H&M

What inspires you to show the world your flavor?

Make it count! 

My New Canvas is the SHIRT!

These shirts each have an authentic supernova shape made with the highest quality fabric paint and my very own Sledgehammer.

Each one is made with the highest quality "Puff" fabric paint. 

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Visual Artist, splatter art, splash paint, painting series, art spots

Collision Clothing

Your own moment in time... An endless source of inspiration!

Painter makes clothing line fall/winter 2019

White Dress Shirt - Calvin Klein

chris crewe fabric paint sledgehammer painting

Grey Fitted Sweater - Kuhl

The bold, unmistakable dent and splatter of the Sledgehammer on the finest garments with the highest quality fabric paint.

Pop Up Clothing Line by Toronto Artist Chris Crewe

Black Dress Shirt - Calvin Klein 

It's a sign of infinity; grabbing the moment and capturing that energy.


Orders are now Welcome!

Name of Shirt
I will make these 4 garments pictured, any size, m/f, when an order is placed.

Although I can guarantee a very similar mark to the ones pictured on your garment, a natural variation of the mark will occur.  In the end you will have a one of a kind design! 
Please allow 3 weeks for delivery

(color is not negotiable)

Thank you!

Chris Crewe | 2019

I may be willing to scale this idea up and explore it further, any interest please contact me!

collision clothing collection pre-release hat for blog winter 2019
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